Our Return

In CannerGrow you earn 8% per week on any amount you spent on buying a plant.

A single plant costs 2498.64 EUR.


If you buy 2 plants for 4997.28 EUR you will be receiving 8% of 4997.28 EUR which is 399.78 EUR every week.

Once you receive your 8% weekly return, you can cultivate it into your account balance and when you apply for withdrawal, we pay you instantly.


The Referral Income Bonus allows you to build a passive income by inviting your friends to join CanerGrow.

In total, you will earn 4.5% profit each time your referred user cultivates a plant into his account balance.

You will receive the commission instantly each time a user that registered using your referral link cutivates a plant.


If someone registered using your referral link and purchase 1 plant for 2498.64 EUR

The plant will grow and will return 8% profit after 7 days which is 199.89€.

When he cultivates this plant, you will get a 4.5% bonus of 8.99€ which you can withdraw instantly or save up and use it to buy a plant.